What would you have missed…

if you had ended your life?

My name is Paige. For years I worked as a pastoral minister. I counseled folks, prepared worship, directed choirs, and sang a lot. During those years I sang way too many funerals of those who died by suicide.

I grieved with those left behind. And I was haunted by the tragic, ridiculous waste. I began to think about how to reach out to those considering suicide. If you search “suicide” at Amazon or Google, you’ll find many attempts to comfort those who have lost a loved one to suicide, but very little directed to the person who is thinking about taking his or her own life.

I want to create a series of videos that might serve as a kind of intervention. Each will be no more than a couple minutes in length and be uploaded to YouTube. The target audience is the person with thoughts of suicide who is surfing the Net, “Googling” suicide.

Each video will pose a question and then offer a series of answers, many of them from real people who are living with the reality of suicide.

The first set of videos will direct a question to those who have survived a suicide attempt or suicidal thoughts:  If you had killed yourself, what would you have missed? (My first real kiss. Holding my first child. Seeing the ocean. Last year’s trip to Ireland. This morning’s sunrise.)

The point is … no one knows what’s waiting around the corner.

The second series of videos will include answers from left-behinds, who are asked the question: What does it feel like to care about someone who died by suicide?   (Sad. Angry. Confused. So final. Such a waste. I miss him every day.)

The third set of video will invite answers to fill in the blank: Instead of taking your life … (Listen to music. Walk in the park. Write a letter to your future self. Call the wisest person you know.)

If you have the means to financially support this project, you can donate here: Life Around the Corner at gofundme.com.

Whatever you can do to help…thank you!

Paige Byrne Shortal

Thinking about suicide?



Call this number 1-800- 273-TALK (8255)

Thinking about suicide?

www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org -OR- Call this number 1-800- 273-TALK (8255)